So, Lately I’ve been working more with performance works, seems my art is turning over into something new and excitting, I love perfoamnce artworks but never thought that I myself would dare to do. In my photographs lately I’m not focused on photography itself but rather useing it as a tool, a viewer if you will into my performance works. I’m so excited to try out more but for now I’ll leave you will this movement image that I created. Please don’t forget to leave a comment as feed back is always great to have, and like my Facebook page, PLEASE!!!! ❤ you all and hope everyone is well. done3


What I have been up to

Hi everyone! I know I have not been on here in so very long but I have been busy working hard at my degree at Monash. I’ve decided to post up work that I’ve been doing that you may have not seen unless you follow me on facebook, (Which please like it, the link is on my blog.) So, I’ve been doing a lot of performance works lately that involve my own body and working with a life size dummy my grand mother had made, sitting him in front of ACMI to see how people would react to him. I’m so very happy with the work I have done so far this year and these photographs are not even the half of the things I have done. If you want to know more about the works here or more about me please just send me a meassge or email me on:

I hope everyone is well and hope to hear from some of you and would love to hear some feed back on these works xo

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Working on Digital Collage

For uni, now at Monash, we at playing around with collage. When I had gotten home from class I decided to do the same thing but digitally by using Photoshop to play around with the image I had scanned from some books. I did this as a front cover type of thing for a book as I hope to make lots of them and create them into a book for next week. Hope you like it.